Bovine Ovary Products and Male Breast Enlargement
May 7th, 2011 by Aleya

Bovine Ovary Products and Male Breast Enlargement

There are two types of supplements men can use to induce male breast enlargement. One way is through the use of phytoestrogens, which are plant extracts. The second means is through the use of bovine ovary products which are extracts made from cow ovaries.

While phytoestrogens mimic the effect of estrogen on the male body, bovine ovary products contain mammalian estrogen. The overall effects of these two paths are different. While both kinds of products will help you grow breasts, bovine ovary products go further in feminizing the body. And can actually change your hormonal balance, and some physical features, permanently, into the hormonal state of a genetic woman.

The most popular bovine ovary product is Transfemme. And those who take Transfemme go through a process called aromatization, whereby the body begins to convert testosterone into estrogen to levels that may match a biological female. In sufficient doses, taken over time, Transfemme actually reprograms the male body in the way it processes hormones, leaving the now changed male body producing high estrogen and low testosterone, like a genetic female, even after discontinuing Transfemme.

The result can include not only breast growth, but smoother skin, fat distribution to the hips, less facial hair and other feminization of the body. Note that these changes become permanent if you use Transfemme long enough. And these changes include seeing a drop in sperm count, the shrinking of the penis and fewer or even no erections. Indeed, taking a bovine ovary product like Transfemme turns you into a hormonal woman, biologically speaking.

There are many men who desire this complete change, but not every man wishes to go so far. Many men just want to have breasts, but remain otherwise men...

If you are a transsexual on your way to being as close to a biological woman as possible, you should check out bovine ovary extracts like Transfemme. If you just want to grow breasts, but otherwise maintain your male sexual abilities, stick with phytoestrogens... (Check out Flat To Fem for a guide to the phytoestrogen approach to male breast enlargement.)

For more information on Transfemme, visit: Transfemme By Bountiful Breast.

When I first started off trying to grow breasts I began with Transfemme for several weeks. As the effect of the supplement began to accumulate - my breasts did begin to bud and I felt very feminine. I also began to experience a drop in my male libido, which I did not want.

At the time, I did not understand what bovine ovary extracts would do to me (there was less information available at the time). When I was beginning to experience that drop in my male libido I purchased a copy of Flat To Fem and learned about the alternative method. I switched to phytoestrogens and my libido rebounded. My breast growth continued under the usage of the phytoestrogens and I eventually reached my current C cup sized breasts.

My normal male sex life with my wife was maintained, and I have my breasts which a continue to provide me with a qualities uniquely their own.

Again, if your desire is to reach that complete stage of "womaness," visit: Transfemme By Bountiful Breast.

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